How To Choose IVF Clinic

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When deciding to make your first appointment to a fertility clinic, it sure is full of heavy emotions. A couple only arrives at this decision either when they are planning a pregnancy and wanting to do everything right, or it can be stressful after failing to get pregnant when they have been trying for long. In either case, this is a private matter for any couple and deciding to involve a third person to it, one would want to make sure they have chosen the right IVF Clinic to. So here’s what you should be knowing how to choose a IVF clinic in Melbourne, make sure you do your study.  

Live Birth Rates Vs Clinical Pregnancy:  
Unfortunately, fertility clinics are under no obligation to disclose these numbers; however, what you should know is the success rates of IVF declines as women ages. Women who are above the age 40 have only 6% chance after each cycle of taking home a baby. Furthermore, 50% of women above 40 will experience clinical pregnancy into a live birth. It is suggested, that prospect patients should question their clinics to share the clinical pregnancy vs live birth rates for their own age bracket, if they do, and this also says high about their services.  

IVF clinics and the treatments are a pricey attempt, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose cheapest clinic. If you let a price to be the first factor to drive your decision, you will end up in a clinic whose treatment and services will not be of your satisfaction and meet your purpose. It is better to ask for a breakdown of the treatment costs, since there are hidden costs involved. You may be told that your chances at success are high, which may help you to make your decision to pay that cost, however, every patient is not alike and a success story of one patient may not be your cup of tea. So may sure you ask as many questions to make all your doubts clear. 

Standard of IVF Clinic Labs 
Your Embryos are extremely sensitive to any changes in the external environment where they are kept in such as changes in oxygen levels or even in temperatures. Hence, conditions where the embryos are kept requires strict standards and compliance to be monitored, else this will have an impact on the success rate of the client. What patients should be doing is they should inquire from the prospective clinic what measures they take to look after the embryos in the lab. What we suggest you is to understand that success story of one patient may not apply on the other person, but however it may be very encouraging and assuring for the prospective couples. Hence, make sure you prepare your questions and clear your doubts in your first appointment to choose the IVF Clinic. For more information, please log on to

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